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The Contact Priests for the
Diocese of Kannur, Kerala, India.

On February 11, 2016, nominations took place in the Diocese of Kannur, India. Consequently, the Diocese's contact persons for "Prayer Requests" and "Mass Stipends/donations" have changed. After 7 1/2 years of dedication by Fr. Antony Pius Edezhath towards the management of "Prayer Requests" and fund-raising through "Mass Stipends and donations," he has been replaced by a team of two priests. Welcome to the following priests that you may contact directly:

Fr. George Painadath

Fr. Ashlin Kalathil

Fr. George Painadath was born on April 30, 1960 at Chundale, Wayanad, North Kerala, and was ordained on May 25, 1990. Presently he has served various parishes like Holy Rosary, Thalassery, St. Francis Xavier, Pariyaram, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kannur, Our Lady of Sorrows, Pilathara, Our Lady of Fatima, Thavam, St. Peter's Chalil and so on. He was the Director of Bible Apostolate.

Presently he also serves as the Director of the Family Commission.

Fr. Ashlin Kalathil was born on August 2, 1988 at Naduvil, Kannur, North Kerala. After his philosophical studies in St. Joseph’s Interdiocesion Seminary Mangalore, he was sent to Pontificio Collegio Urbano de Propaganda Fide, Rome for Theological studies. He was Ordained on December 27, 2018. After his Ordination he was appointed associate parish priest of Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Pilathara.

At present he serves as Secretary to the Bishop and Chief Editor of the Diocesan magazine “Kannum Kannadiyum”.

These wonderful priests will be more than happy
to assist you with all your spiritual needs.

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