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The Diocese of Kannur, India
(Its location.)

These maps help you to understand
the location of the Diocese of Kannur in India.


March, 2008. In Faith: Kannur Bishop Varghese Chakkalakkal leading the Palm Sunday procession in Kannur.

KANNUR: Special prayer services were held at churches in the district as part of the celebration of Palm Sunday. Christians offered prayers in churches and participated in processions in different parts of the district. People carrying palm leaves and crosses took out processions to observe the celebration marking the beginning of the holy week. Kannur Bishop Varghese Chakkalakkal led the services and the procession at Holy Trinity Cathedral here. [Source:]

Coast of India

This is the Coast of India, just a couple blocks West from where the Most Holy Trinity Catheral was constructed.

If you look at the map below where the (A) is located, that is where the Cathedral was constructed. You can see how close it is to the Coast of India.

Cathedral Location

This map shows the location of the new Cathedral (A) and its proximity to the Coast of India.


The (A) shows where the Diocese of Kannur is located in India.

Map Of Kannur

A closer look at the municipality.

Cathedral Versus the Coast

The (dot) represent the Coastline photo seen above in comparison to the Holy Trinity Cathedral that is marked on the map.

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