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Does the Diocese of Kannur accept a request for the celebration of 30 Gregorian Masses? The Diocese has accepted such requests in the past and continues to do so.

For those who are not familiar with this practice, the Gregorian Masses is a practice that was founded by Pope Gregory the Great. It became a tradition in the Benedictine Monasteries, whereas 30 Masses were offered on 30 consecutive days without interruption for a specific soul in Purgatory. It was the belief that the soul would leave Purgatory and enter Heaven. Such Masses may only be offered for the dead. It does not matter if they are low or high Masses.

The history of the “Thirty Masses” practice goes back to the year 590 AD in St. Andrew’s Monastery in Rome, founded by St. Gregory the Great in his own family home around 570.

The 30 day Gregorian Masses can be interrupted by only five days in the Catholic liturgy. Those days are Christmas, Easter, and the Holy Week Triduum.

When a request is made for a 30 day consecutive Masses for an intention other than a soul in purgatory, such is referred to the "30 consecutive day Masses" and not the "30 day Gregorian Masses." For example, a request for a special intention or for the priests who neglect their ministry, such is called a "30 consecutive day Masses."

The recommended offering for a 30 consecutive day Masses is $ 150.00. (30 Holy Mass with a donation of $5.00 each for a particular intention.)

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