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of the Diocese of Kannur, India.

On the matter of all emails sent to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kannur, Kerala, India via this website, all material that is received is treated with strict confidentiality. The Diocese of Kannur does not share or sell any of its information, be it the names or email addresses, for whatever purpose it may be. Only one person has access to email information from this website, that being the Procurator of the Diocese of Kannur, ensuring that private information is kept highly confidential.

The Diocese of Kannur does not keep any emails or other personal information on its website to ensure that hackers, programs that search for email addresses or Search Engines that may access the public information of websites will not have access to personal information.

If you have any concerns regarding the Privacy Mandate of the Diocese of Kannur, kindly address it to the Procurator by using the Form that is located on this website.

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